Symbiostock Blossoming Due to Community. Start a Site. Its Easy.

June 11, 2013 in Development. , Updates Start-up for a Symbiostock site has always been relatively simple, but now its even easier with the documentation the people are setting up – to say nothing of the cool systems being built around it. Start-up: Cascoly’s search site: Who’s […]


  What is the Symbiostock Network? Symbiostock is not a stock agency. LBarnStockImages is a member of the Symbiostock Network. We are a group of independent photographers, illustrators and artists licensing royalty-free and rights managed images from our own sites. To make it easier for you, our customer, to […]

PictureMojo Colin and Linda McKie

PictureMojo is the Colin and Linda McKie symbiostock website. After the post about Leo Blanchette  here is another example of website based on symbiostock. Through their kindness I had the chance to ask him some questions. I also hope you go to visit their beautiful website. – Who are Colin […]

AI-AP | Pro Photo Daily

By David Schonauer   Friday May 24, 2013 Stock photo entrepreneur and blogger-guru Paul Melcher likens Symbiostock to a 2,200-year-old fungus in an Oregon forest that is known as the world’s largest living organism. It’s an open-source WordPress theme that allows any photographer to create a local stock agency with his […]